Sweet Love

- Historic Market Square, Knoxville TN




Aliya Alewine is a family, corporate, real estate, and event photographer based in East Tennessee and Oaxaca, Mexico. With both a background in creative and fine arts and a master's degree in mental health counseling, Aliya uniquely specializes in capturing authentic moments with the people you love or the colleagues you work with.

"Aliya is an artist and her photographs are a unique glimpse into how she views the world. She has the ability to bring out the beauty in all objects, both living and non living through her photography. Her professionalism and love for her work is reflected in every picture she takes. Each time she has captured my family it has been an enjoyable and memorable experience and the pictures have always exceeded my expectations."

- Megan Marcus

"Aliya has got that "special something" required to be a unique photographer that brings special moments to light. I remember noticing and finally recognizing her talent: capturing the moment, the raw and natural and unfiltered connection of people interacting WITHOUT posing, choreographing positions or even paying attention to the camera. Aliya was the one who helped me see the difference between people with fancy cameras who point and shoot versus the ones who sense, observe and capture special moments and memories because they were somehow a part of the moment. What was even more special; many of her in-the-moment shots turned out to be everyone's favorites that got framed rather than the symmetrical shots where everyone is grouped from small to tall or paired up for a stiff, posed image.


I welcome collaborating with Aliya because she bring her sensitivity, skill of observation and timing to key projects where I help clients create and visualize their identity, brand reputation, team, products and services to create genuine connection with their customers. You might not know how she's going to accomplish it, but she knows that she'll be ready to observe and capture your moment, memory or event with authenticity.."

- Jason Manarchuck, Sprout Consulting Founder and Growth Strategist

"Aliya has a unique ability to capture shots that speak to a specific feeling or moment in life. She has photographed my family for several years and I adore each shot.  She’s definitely in her artistic and creative playground when she’s behind the camera. It’s a relaxed, fun session. LOVE HER!!!"


Lindsay Barlow

Love runs deep